Pitmasters BBQ menu 2018

Authentic American Barbecue


Served by the Grill master directly from the wood fired BBQ smoker. Order your food her and try the authentic taste of American BBQ.




– Compose your own menu –



•  1 type of meat + 3 sides 195 kr.

•  3 type of meat + 3 sides 315 kr.

•  3 type of meat + 5 sides 395 kr.

Choose freely from the meat and side menus. Servings are approx. 350 grams of meat.
Feel free to contact Chubby´s for an alternative composition.
Extra sides are 40 kr. pr/serving –  Extra meat is 60 kr. pr/serving.


•  Barbecued shortribs

•  Barbecued brisket

•  Grilled beef tri-tip

•  BBQ veal spareribs

•  BBQ pork spareribs

•  Chubby´s pulled pork

•  Chubby´s  BBQ sausages

•  Pit-grilled chicken (upper thigh)

•  Grilled chicken HOT Wings


•  Creamy coleslaw

•  American potato salad

•  Baked potato with  parsley butter

•  Baked yam with fresh thyme

•  Melon salad with fresh mint

•  Mixed green salad with ranch dressing

•  Chubby´s triple cheese & macaroni

•  Corn on the cob with spiced butter

•  Smokey Joe´s chili & black beans



BBQ menus can be ordered for delivery, or you can book the pit-master to serve you straight from the grill and smoker. For more info look at the bottom of the page.




– Chubby´s special BBQ menus  –


Whole hog (40 – 60 kilo)

Order a whole hog roasted low&slow. A real American whole hog is roasted slowly for up to 24 hours over hot coals. The pig is roasted skin down, so it ends up braising in its own juice. The result is a pig so tender you won’t be needing a knife. Served with Chubby´s Tennessee vinegar red sauce.

whole hog

Roasted piglets (6 – 10 kilo):

Order whole roasted piglets. The pigs are roasted hot&and fast for about 6 hours until they are golden and crispy. Served with Chubby´s smoked pineapple and chipotle BBQ sauce. A pig feeds about 8 adults so minimum order is 3 piglets. The piglets can also be ordered stuffed with Chubby´s spicy Cajun sausage stopping, which gives 6 more servings.


Roasted lamb (20 – 25 kilo)

Order a whole roasted lamb, enough for about 20 servings. The lamp is grilled over hot coals for about 8 hours, thereafter its covered and rests for 2 hours before serving. Served with Chubby´s mutton BBQ sauce. Juicy tender and full of flavor. Kan also be sold as halal.



    Whole Hog…………… 225 kr. pr./serving

    Piglets ………………….. 165 kr. pr./serving

    Piglets stuffed……. 195 kr. pr./serving

    Whole lamb…………. 225 kr. pr./serving


Pigs – beef – chicken & lamb can also be delivered as Danish ecology or as free range meat. The listed prices are for Chubby´s normal produce, which normally comes from Denmark, Spain and America


– Everything else  –

From the grill:

• Chubby´s XL cheese & bacon burger (250 g)

• Grilled & marinated chicken (skewer 300 g)

• Grilled & marinated pork chuck (skewer 300 g)

• Grilled trout with sage and marjoram (Ca. 300 g)

XL Sandwiches:

• Steak sandwich (Black Angus tri-tip)

• Pulled pork with Tennessee red sauce

• Chubby´s spicy Cajun BBQ sausage

• BBQ chicken & crispy bacon

Ca. 400 g. dark baguette bun  – 250 g meat

Starters & desserts

•  Hot smoked salmon plating with med salad, capers, pickled onions & chili dressing, served with toasted rye bread.


•  Apple crumble pie with creme fraiche

•  Sweet potato pie with creme fraiche

•  Chocolate fudge cake


• XL Burger……………………… 85 kr. pr./serving

• Skewer…………………………. 125 kr. pr./serving

• Baby Trout………………….. 145 kr. pr./serving

• All XL Sandwich……….. 125 kr. pr./serving

• Starter……………………………. 50 kr. pr./serving

• Dessert………………………….. 50 kr. pr./serving

All prices are guiding, order 20 servings or more and get an offer; contact the pit-master at  25 73 33 93

    Booking Info:


    When booking the Pitmaster, the following is included;

  • Buffet serving tent
  • Buffet tables with paper tablecloth
  • Disposable utensils, plates and plastic cups
  • Fully complimented cold buffet arrangement
  • Barbecue served directly from the grill and smoker
  • Pitmasters tips and trick for traditional backyard BBQ
  • Cleanup… no fuss… just party!

     Arrival is about 2 hours before serving time (4-5 hours total). Prices from 1.500 kr.


    When ordering delivery;

  • Delivery in the greater CPH area at a fixed rate
  • Food arrives ready for your buffet 30 min before serving.
  • Hot and cold items are stored separately in insulated boxes.
  • Remove from box and place on your buffet at your preferred time.

     Insulated boxes are yours to keep. They hold food warm or cold for several hours.


    Additional Info:

“Chubby´s traditional barbecoa is slow cooked and smoked with oak, birch or fruit woods, depending on the type of meat.

Work begins in the early morning hours with meat prepping and firing up the smoker. From there its all about controlling

chamber humidity, temperature and smoke quality, in constant pursue for perfection. Barbecue from Chubby´s is a mixed regional

style, combining traditional Texas, Tennessee and Carolina styles of cooking. The smoker is a Meadow Creek TS250/BBQ42 that holds

about 100 kilo of meats in the chamber and 20 kilo on the Pit.


Traditional BBQ is a craft where the elements plays a part. BBQ from Chubby´s is therefor always a unique experience with a flavor profile

set by the elements and the Pitmaster in union. Try the “all you can eat menus” or select a menu of your choice. You are also welcome to contact me

if you have any question or need help putting together a menu”.


    Kind regards

    Pitmaster / Patrick W. Ireland


Delevery (300 DK)Pickup (Free)

Book the Pitmaster (recive offer)

Please specify your order here and let us know about any concerns regarding allergies