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My name is Patrick Ireland and I am the Pitmaster at Chubby Boys Barbecue. My story and first memories of real BBQ began in Chicago Illinois back in the mid 1980´ties...

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Mobile Catering; Prices from 2.500 kr.

Chubby´s offer mobile catering with a hot and cold buffet. The pitmaster arrives two hours before serving and sets up the smoker and a serving tent. For the setup 20m2 is required on a firm flat surface. Leftovers are placed in tin foil trays for easy reheating, perfect for late night snacks or the day after. The full service normally takes 4-5 hours. Contact Chubby´s and hear if we are available on your preferred date. 


Delevery; Prices from 500 kr.

The food is delivered ready in insulated boxes where it holds temperature for at least four hours. The meat comes as whole roasts and pieces that needs to be cut just before serving.

Great food in copious quantities !!

Thomas Adler Petersen - 13/07/2018

Thank you very much for super good food for our summer party at the Hedegarden plant nursery. It was absolutely amazing, really good, delicious roast and tasty. This is not the last time we do it.

Lars Christiansen - 16/07/2018

Thank you so much for fantastic roast cod and delicious accessories for our barbecue party on Saturday. It was all worth the money! All the guests and we were very impressed and so it was great you came with your fun barbecue.

Lone Petterson - 10/07/2018

Nothing short of phenomenal. He came, he served and he drove again. Bum! It was easy and it tasted amazing. Furthermore, there were plenty of good barbecue anecdotes to pick up in the meantime. The guests hardly talked about anything else the rest of the evening ...

Joachim Holm - 11/06/2018