Our Story

The Pitmaster

My name is Patrick Ireland and I am the Pitmaster at Chubby Boys Barbecue. My story and first memories of real BBQ began in Chicago Illinois back in the mid 1980´ties; I was at the family reunion where our family gathered every 4th year and it was a hot summer day in Chicago. Everybody was in the shade drinking sodas and playing backgammon and dice and I remember how my uncles where laughing while preparing meat for the smoker that were slowly getting up to temperature. There were brown paper bags being passed around as the boom box played the tunes of the day. My drunk uncles where showing the kids “how to dance” the hip hop, using the old Motown moves they still remembered. These early memories formed me as a Pitmaster, because BBQ is not just the food, the meat or the sauce or even the process of slow cooking the meet. The best BBQ you ever had is served on a perfect day around the smoker with people you love and care about.


What is BBQ?

The word Barbecue describes a cooking method whereby meat is cooked and smoked at low temperatures over a long time. BBQ is based on very old traditions. The Natives of North and Central America taught the African slaves how to prepare the unwanted pieces of meat that was leftover from the slaughter. In a hole in the ground (BBQ Pit) a fire was build and here the meat was covered and slow cooked over long periods of time. Chubby´s BBQ is made on an imported Meadow Creek smoker from Pennsylvania USA.


Food safety compliance


In the beginning of 2024, Chubby´s have entered a partnership with TUTTEN. All food items will be produced whitin their kitchen facilities. Through this collaboration Tutten will be responsible for any and all governmental compliance requirements. To see the food safety report (Smiley ordning) from Tutten, please follow this link - Tutten - Idrætsvej 5 3550 Slangerup